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Last Sunday evening saw me down at The Boaters Inn in Kingston for their fantastic free weekly Jazz night.  The gig, which has been taking place for over 20 years had a special night planned to pay tribute to Chris Dagley, a drummer who played at Boaters many times over the years and tragically died last year.

Simon Carter, who runs the gig arranged to get as many people as he could who worked, performed and enjoyed the company of Chris to come down and have a great evening of music.

Carleen Anderson, Vanessa Haynes, Graham Dee and Natalie Williams

Carleen Anderson, Vanessa Haynes, Graham Dee and Natalie Williams

Some superb artists came and performed for free in what was the busiest night that I’ve ever seen in the pub.  We were graced by performances from artists such as Natalie Williams, Carleen Anderson and (the one and only!) Rick Astley!

A superb night was had by all, which kicked off at 8pm and ran until past 11pm.  I’ve got a large number of photos that will be posted to The Chris Dagley Memorial Page at Facebook over the coming days but for a smaller selection please have a look at this gallery.

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After getting my regular Saturday morning run done and dusted I headed over to Ham Lands, which sits between Richmond and Kingston to get some shots and support friends at the Surrey League Ladies cross country race.  Over 160 women ran the course of around five miles within the Ham Lands Nature Reserve.  We’ve had plenty of recent rain so the ground was very soft and muddy in places which meant that I needed to track down the biggest and muddiest puddle I could find – not because I’m evil – because it often makes for a good photograph!

After slipping and sliding around the course on my bike as I rode the course I found the perfect spot – it was also pretty far from the start so my support would surely be welcoming in an otherwise quiet part of course!

A few minutes after midday the leaders came into sight and the lead group of three were absolutely flying.  Shortly afterwards the rest of the runners starting streaming through.

Although I was right by a big muddy puddle almost everyone was able to just squeeze around the edge of it – but not everyone.

All in all a great competitive race on what I’ve been told is a fairly uninspiring flat cross country course.

A full set of photos that I took can be found online now.

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Welcome along. Those who know me well will know that for quite a few years if I’m not running, cycling or swimming I’m out and about taking photos. The purpose of this website is to showcase some of the photography that I’ve been involved with, what I do and how you can get in contact if you want some of your own.

Expect to see some of my favourite photos posted on the blog together with links to more complete albums of what I’ve been up to.

I may also delve back into a bit of history and ramble on about how I got into photography and what sort of equipment has found its way into my current camera bag.

I hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.