Bushy parkrun – 14 May 2011
15th May 2011 Posted in: Sport 0

Sharon and I are regular runners and we’re fortunate enough to live close to a free weekly 5k run which is held each and every Saturday morning in Bushy Park – a few miles from us. These events – called parkrun – are growing rapidly with over 70 of them taking place each week in the UK and more starting each month.

When we’re not running we can often be found volunteering – as each event is organised by volunteer teams. On Saturday morning I chose to volunteer and one of my preferred jobs is to take photos of the runners. Over the past few years I have taken photos at many of the runs and find it a great opportunity to work on different photography techniques, locations and lighting situations under a strict time constraint – i.e., nobody seems to stop and pose for photos!

This week I planned to get some shots shortly after the start – a great sight with just under 800 runners heading straight for you (provided you get out of the way in time!). Once they had passed I jumped straight on my bike and raced over to another point of the course – close to the halfway point. The spot I chose had scattered tree coverage and the runners were coming in and out of direct and very harsh sunlight. Despite the fairly tough conditions I got quite a few shots that I was happy with including a number which I converted to black and white (well, greyscale).

On the ride back to the finish line I stopped off for a few other shots that I wanted to get. The photos are then uploaded to for the runners to view and download.

Next week I plan to be back at Bushy parkrun and instead of taking photos I expect to be running.

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