Grass Track Cycle Racing – Central Region South League Round 1
19th May 2011 Posted in: Sport 0

On a beautiful late spring evening in the sports field of a girls school in deepest darkest Twickenham round 1 of the 2011 Central Region South grass track cycle racing league kicked off (organised by the British Cycling Central Region and Twickenham Cycling Club). I’d never heard of grass track cycle racing until I heard about the event a few days ago so Sharon and I went along to capture a few shots of what sounded like a fun evening.

Trying to describe it I would say that when you were at school and were told off for cycling on the school playing fields, here it is actively encouraged… and you’re meant to cycle as fast as you can!

There’s a series of different races such as scratch, keirin and elimination and different sets of races for fixed wheel, free wheel and under-16 year old riders.

The racing was fun, fast and furious, the children looked like they were loving it, there were shouts of “Go Mum!” from a couple of the youngsters when the adults were racing and the main disappointment for us was that there were so few people in attendance. British Cycling provide some bikes to use during the events but it’s clearly not publicised enough if parents are not interested in getting their children doing some good old exercise on a summer-like evening. Such a shame.

I’ve uploaded a selection of photos from the race onto the gallery and will try and get along to watch/support at more events…. I may even have a go myself if I can get some ‘knobbly tires’ fitted on my mountain/commuting bike…

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