‘Strictly Cycling’ Bike Fest
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'Strictly Cycling' Bike Fest

Now that we’re well into June and the British Summer has passed the weather was looking very unpredictable for the Bike Fest 2011 – the culmination of a number of different activities and events that have been taking place in the London Borough of Richmond over the past few months.

‘Strictly Cycling’ Bike Fest 2011 was organised by Twickenham Cycling Club and together with people from the London Borough of Richmond, the local Police Cadets and other local organisations an event was held at Old Deer Park on the afternoon of Sunday 19th June.

Thankfully the weather was (relatively) kind with only a little rain during the afternoon activities – but it certainly didn’t put a dampener on anything. As well as a ‘Sprint Lane’ and ‘Skills Arena’ (for the children) the main focus was on the grass track – where races were held all afternoon. From races such as the Under 8 year olds ‘dash’ to an 8km British Cycling Regional Championship race (with some ‘devil takes the hindmost’ and ‘keirin’ races in between) there was plenty of action to be had on the grass – especially in the ‘mums and dads’ race!

With British Cycling supporting these events there were a selection of bikes that could be borrowed by anyone on a turn-up-and-try basis which was great.

From a spectators point of view I thought the event was run extremely well and with a busy programme of events it kept the youngsters busy all afternoon. More events are being planned over the coming months including a 65 mile sportive ride in July and then in September there will be cyclo-cross training and league racing.

In 2012 the plan right now is to do more of the same but bigger and better…. and hopefully more sunshine, advertising and people in attendance.

For the set of photographs that I took please visit the ‘Strictly Cycling’ Bike Fest 2011 photo gallery.

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