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Runner’s World is the UK’s largest running magazine with a readership of around 300,000 (source:  Along with interviews, news, gear reviews, training information and more there is a well established ‘Race Reports’ section towards the back of the magazine.  Each issue features around three recent races and in the August 2011 issue of the magazine there is a report from the Richmond Half Marathon that was held in May.  We were asked by Runner’s World to cover the race and to get a number of photos from around the course.

In addition to a number of race photos we also got a few ‘headshots’ of people who had run the race and together with a writer who jotted quotes down from the runners the following full page report appears in the current (August 2011) issue of the magazine.  From a selection of photos the magazine went for one taken about a mile into the race as the runners come across Richmond Bridge and head towards Twickenham.

The August 2011 issue of Runner’s World magazine is available in all good shops until the end of July.


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2011 GE Canary Wharf Triathlon

As part of the five event 2011 British Triathlon Super Series set of races a number of elite triathletes made their first visit to Canary Wharf in central London on the evening of Thursday 30 June.

The racing was over “Super Sprint” distance – which in this case meant a 400m (wetsuit) swim, 10km cycle and 2km run.

The event is described on its website as follows:

“The GE Canary Wharf Triathlon is a Super-Sprint Eliminator race. There will be heats for men and women with faster finishers progressing to the finals. This race format is fast and furious. The multi-lap course offers fantastic specatator viewing. But rest assured, this is not an easy race. Competitors will be going all out to ensure they qualify for the final, pushing themselves to the limits. And whilst this may be a flat course the wind tunnels created on this closed circuit course will challenge all!”

A single womens heat was held along with two mens heats and then womens/mens finals.  For the early races there were many more spectators mainly because it was at peak commuter time and many people were leaving work and stumbling upon the action.  As the evening went on only the die-hard fans were there – and there weren’t too many of them (i.e., you could walk right up to the finish line and get a very good spot with no trouble at all).