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8th Aug 2011 Posted in: Sport 0
Prologue London Dynamo Richmond Park Time Trial

The third and final race in the 2011 Richmond Park TT series was once again met with great cycling (and photography) conditions. To try and keep the riders on their toes (or on their aero-bars) we opted for a different position on the course today – this time on a flat section close to Roehampton Gate. This was about one mile into the course (compared to 3+ miles where we’ve taken photos from before) and what a difference it made to the the riders. I counted a ‘thumbs up’, a few smiles and a ‘good morning’ from some of the riders. I’ve only managed to get grunts out of them before today! Clearly you’re much happier earlier on before the pain really sets in.

I was really looking forward to this race after seeing on the start list both a tandem entry (!!!) and also double the number of hand-bikes than last time (i.e., two). Arriving in the park at around 5:45am we saw the tandem race past and initially panicked as I thought they’d been allowed to start early (as the ‘rear’ rider on the tandem was racing in the Female TT category a little later on). Thankfully they were just doing their warm up so shortly after 6am they came racing past.

Closely followed by the hand bikes of James Turner and Mark Telford (who look to have had a great race) the rest of the riders started coming through. There was some great riding to be had and many familiar faces out on the course.

A little later on the tandem returned (clocking the fastest time of the day) and then Charlotte jumped on her time trial bike and promptly went out and won that category too! Brilliant stuff.

As per usual there’s a large number of photos of all the riders to be seen over at the gallery.

1st Aug 2011 Posted in: Sport 2

Just a quick note to let you know that for the second week in a row Cycling Weekly magazine printed some of our photos.  This weeks issue has a news report about the Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb and when they called me asking for a photograph from the event I had to go with the one of Marcus Shields from Ayr Roads Cycling Club that was posted on the blog shortly after the event.

Check out the 28 July 2011 issue of Cycling Weekly – page 16.