Cycling Weekly – 2011 Urban Hill Climb
1st Aug 2011 Posted in: Sport 2

Just a quick note to let you know that for the second week in a row Cycling Weekly magazine printed some of our photos.  This weeks issue has a news report about the Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb and when they called me asking for a photograph from the event I had to go with the one of Marcus Shields from Ayr Roads Cycling Club that was posted on the blog shortly after the event.

Check out the 28 July 2011 issue of Cycling Weekly – page 16.

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  1. marcus shields says:


    very pleased you got the picture of me in the weekly, as i was neither quickest nor in the best kit! must have been in the zone, as i don’t recall seeing you roadside

    as one of my friends said, good capture, looks like you’ve been bitten on the bottom! marcus

  2. david says:

    Oh you were definitely in the zone! I almost felt kind of cruel just relaxing at the side of the road watching all the cyclists go past in lots of pain. ;)

    I think your expression in the pic gives a good idea of what everyone had to go through to get to the top of Swain’s Lane. Great stuff and I’m glad you like the photo.


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