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Run with Karen - running coach and personal trainer

A few months ago I received an email in my inbox with the the kind of subject line that I like to see…

“I need to hire you!”

Karen was in the process of launching a new website for her ‘Run with Karen’ running coach and personal training business and was looking for some imagery for the website of her running, providing group training and also showing example stretches for use in email newsletters/information sheets etc.

I met up with Karen on a couple of occasions in the stunning setting of Richmond Park in southwest London.  We took a number of ‘action’ photos and also a few individual portrait shots of which some are now on her website at

Karen runs a number of group sessions including regular runs around Richmond Park, track training in Battersea and also regular coaching at Ranelagh Harriers running club.  Karen is an experienced athlete and coach who has raced over distances ranging from lung-busting 5km runs through to 140.6 mile Ironman triathlons!  Whether you want to run faster over shorter distances or swim/bike/run in a triathlon you’d be well advised to consider Run with Karen.

To find out more about Karen, what she does, some client success stories and how she may be able to help you and your running please visit

Finally, if you’re a local business and you’re looking for some promotional images whether they’re action shots or otherwise then please feel free to get in touch to see if we can help.

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After posting about the Catford and Bec Hill Climb cycling events last weekend a friend of ours suggested that I should have a go of one of the climbs myself. Well, rather than make a string of excuses about how I’m not fit enough, don’t cycle up steep hills etc. etc. I decided that it was only fair to give it a go.

So, on Thursday of last week I headed out on my bike for a long long ride (I’m a glutton for punishment) and headed off towards Kent and the location of Yorks Hill – home of the Catford Hill Climb event.  I’ve written about my attempt to cycle up Yorks Hill on our sports blog (cunningly titled Rowe Running) and if you want to know how I got on then please head over there and have a read.

Finally, I got an email from Doug, the chap who’s image graces the blog post about last weeks hill climbs telling me that “I never knew I could look so scary…. I’m nothing like that at all in real life!”  Phew!

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2011 Catford & Bec Hill Climbs

After the fun watching the 2011 Urban Hill Climb in London a couple of months ago and after seeing some of the fantastic photos that ace snapper Mike King took at the Catford Hill Climb in 2010 we just had to go along this year to soak up the atmosphere and stick the camera in the faces of a few gurning riders!