One Mile Running in Bushy Park
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One Mile Running in Bushy Park

Each and every Wednesday evening during the summer months a one mile running time trial takes place around dusk within the closed roads of Bushy Park in south-west London.  The event started in August 2011 stemming from the ‘Magic Mile Challenge’ that was promoted by the excellent Marathon Talk podcast.  Organised by local runner Danny Norman who wrote on the Arethusa Mile blog in the June of last year…

“I must express that I intend this to be a low key affair. It is not an official race, it is just an organised time for various runners to come together to see how fast they could run a mile. If anything it’s a speed session in the park where you simply do a mile rep balls to the wall.”

I’ve run the mile on a handful of occasions and my best time is 5 minutes and 18 seconds, which I’m pretty happy with.  Last week I chose to not run and take some photos to try and capture the feel of this low key run around the fountain in Bushy Park.  With the event being held close to sunset the light is getting low but can be absolutely beautiful.  As I write this post now it’s the following Wednesday and the weather conditions look great.  I think I may just run it this evening…

For more information please see both the Arethusa Mile blog and also this Facebook event.

Finally, here is a video I took last year at the first running of the event on 10 August 2011.

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