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20th Jul 2012 Posted in: Blog, Sport 2
2012 Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb

After having a great time supporting this event in 2011 it was only right to get myself over to Swain’s Lane again for the 2012 Urban Hill Climb event. ┬áThe weather was kinder than last year but the hill just as steep. I was on my mountain bike so got to ‘enjoy’ part of the climb as I rode up to set up position on a nice steep part of the hill!

At 6:30pm the first riders began and this endless stream of pained cyclists expressions, cheering crowds and ringing cowbells continued until for the next two and a half hours.  There were Bromptons, a few single speed bikes, a full time-trial setup, a unicycle (!!!) and a man in a gorilla mask all racing to the top of this incredibly steep sharp climb.