2012 Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb
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2012 Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb

After having a great time supporting this event in 2011 it was only right to get myself over to Swain’s Lane again for the 2012 Urban Hill Climb event.  The weather was kinder than last year but the hill just as steep. I was on my mountain bike so got to ‘enjoy’ part of the climb as I rode up to set up position on a nice steep part of the hill!

At 6:30pm the first riders began and this endless stream of pained cyclists expressions, cheering crowds and ringing cowbells continued until for the next two and a half hours.  There were Bromptons, a few single speed bikes, a full time-trial setup, a unicycle (!!!) and a man in a gorilla mask all racing to the top of this incredibly steep sharp climb.

Some fantastic powerful cycling was on display, none less than National Masters Women’s Road Race Champion Natalie Creswick who just flew past people as she raced up Swain’s Lane.

Fresh from her victory at the National Masters Women's Road Race event Natalie Creswick flies past another competitor (who started 60 seconds before her).

Such a shame that I didn’t get to enter the event personally as it sold out within a matter of minutes when entries opened earlier in the year ;)

Photos of almost all of the riders (there’s probably about 10 that I didn’t get – sorry) can be found in the gallery.

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  1. steve mahon says:

    Well done, be good to see them. Was that you with the L 70 to 200?

    Steve aka sidman

    • david says:

      No, I was a little further down the road with a 24-70. I look forward to seeing the shots the chap did up close with the big lens. He was doing some serious ‘panning’ with the camera. Could be some good pics there with the crowd in the background.

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