Crane parkrun, a sausage sandwich and a pint…
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Hmn, a strange old title for a blog this one but please bear with me a moment.  A few weeks ago whilst enjoying a pint in our local pub I noticed a sign on the wall that said “Duke of Cambridge Charity 5k Run.”

Well, I’m a runner, I like our local pub and they raise a lot (and I mean a lot) of money for local charities.  Sounds like a fine idea.  Even better, rather than organise a run themselves they suggested that people do the run at the Crane parkrun event which is held a couple of miles away from the pub.  Brilliant.  I run parkrun events whenever I can (having run over 230 of them since June 2006) so I was all for this.

The best part of the poster was the part that read as follows:

If enough people are interested, Bob and Linda have very kindly offered to open the pub at 1000hrs where we will be able to purchase bacon sandwiches and beer, just to ensure there are no positive long lasting effects from partaking in this event.

I was all signed up but unfortunately come Saturday morning I was unable to run as I’m (very very slowly) recovering from what I believe to be a fractured rib(s) recently hurt whilst out windsurfing (which is another story altogether!).  However, I wasn’t going to let anyone down so I went along with my camera to get a few photos of the event in general and also pick out one or two of the ‘pub’ runners.

The atmosphere was great during the 5k run and everyone managed to get round the 5k course.  Following the run we headed back to the pub for a drink (I’m not at liberty to divulge what it was, but let’s just say it was the amber nectar) and a bite to eat.

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

The photos I took at the parkrun are now on my account (rather than on the fancy photo gallery here – so that they can also embed cleverly into the parkrun website).

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