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One Mile Running in Bushy Park

Each and every Wednesday evening during the summer months a one mile running time trial takes place around dusk within the closed roads of Bushy Park in south-west London.  The event started in August 2011 stemming from the ‘Magic Mile Challenge’ that was promoted by the excellent Marathon Talk podcast.  Organised by local runner Danny Norman who wrote on the Arethusa Mile blog in the June of last year…

“I must express that I intend this to be a low key affair. It is not an official race, it is just an organised time for various runners to come together to see how fast they could run a mile. If anything it’s a speed session in the park where you simply do a mile rep balls to the wall.”

I’ve run the mile on a handful of occasions and my best time is 5 minutes and 18 seconds, which I’m pretty happy with.  Last week I chose to not run and take some photos to try and capture the feel of this low key run around the fountain in Bushy Park.  With the event being held close to sunset the light is getting low but can be absolutely beautiful.  As I write this post now it’s the following Wednesday and the weather conditions look great.  I think I may just run it this evening…

For more information please see both the Arethusa Mile blog and also this Facebook event.

Finally, here is a video I took last year at the first running of the event on 10 August 2011.

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Zumba Fitness dance classes in Twickenham

Once upon a time I found myself accidentally (it’s a long story!) taking part in an aerobics class at a gym.  I can’t say that I was particularly good (i.e., in time to the music) but it was good fun and really energetic.  More recently I returned to a dance studio but this time thankfully in a less active role – taking photos.

With Zumba Fitness seemingly taking the fitness industry by storm there are classes popping up all over the country (and no doubt the world).  On a Monday night in Twickenham classes take place in the function room of the London Road pub and are taught by Alexandra Tyas.  I was asked to go along to one of the classes to get some photos of Alexandra ‘in action’ that would be used to help promote her Zumba business.

Now when you go to a gym/fitness class you don’t expect to see a photographer there taking photos of you so when I was introduced as “the man at the back of the room with the camera” there was a shuffling as attendees either moved to the other side of the room or practiced breathing in and holding their breath!  There was no reason for them to panic as Alexandra then said that I’d be photographing her and not specifically any individuals within the class.  The music then started and the class began.

Wow, is all could say.  Really energetic and exciting.  You don’t need to be super fit to go (but it helps) and if you’ve got no sense of direction then it really doesn’t matter – as long as you enjoy yourself (which it’s hard not to) then you’re more than welcome to go along to a class.

Here’s a few photographs from the shoot and if you want to find out more about Zumba classes in Twickenham then you’d definitely not go wrong by checking out Alexandra’s classes at the London Road pub.


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Run with Karen - running coach and personal trainer

A few months ago I received an email in my inbox with the the kind of subject line that I like to see…

“I need to hire you!”

Karen was in the process of launching a new website for her ‘Run with Karen’ running coach and personal training business and was looking for some imagery for the website of her running, providing group training and also showing example stretches for use in email newsletters/information sheets etc.

I met up with Karen on a couple of occasions in the stunning setting of Richmond Park in southwest London.  We took a number of ‘action’ photos and also a few individual portrait shots of which some are now on her website at

Karen runs a number of group sessions including regular runs around Richmond Park, track training in Battersea and also regular coaching at Ranelagh Harriers running club.  Karen is an experienced athlete and coach who has raced over distances ranging from lung-busting 5km runs through to 140.6 mile Ironman triathlons!  Whether you want to run faster over shorter distances or swim/bike/run in a triathlon you’d be well advised to consider Run with Karen.

To find out more about Karen, what she does, some client success stories and how she may be able to help you and your running please visit

Finally, if you’re a local business and you’re looking for some promotional images whether they’re action shots or otherwise then please feel free to get in touch to see if we can help.